The BPL Twitter Feed

10 Apr

The Bloomington Public Libraries Twitter feed is similar in many ways to their Facebook page; they both are used in an almost perfunctory manner to convey information about library services. This is not to say that the services and programs offered at the BPL are not inspired, because the BPL sponsors many events that sound incredibly entertaining, but only using Twitter in this manner is rather limited. By just announcing events and new services, their twitter feed is almost unnecessary because most of the same information is available on their Facebook page, and their twitter feed often is just used to announce new posts on their Facebook page. It almost seems like they have a twitter feed because libraries are now expected to use social tools like Facebook and twitter, instead of having this tool because it can be a valuable way to get community feedback and connect with patrons. When looked at this way, the BPL’s twitter feed doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the libraries’ webpage, even though it’s easy to find; it’s just a feature that is tacked on there because it is expected. Although I might be a bit harsh in my assessment of the BPL twitter feed, because it does provide valuable information about the library and the services they offer, Twitter could be used in so many more ways. This is especially apparent after seeing how the Seattle Public Library has gone beyond the ordinary and used their account to create an interactive online community.

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Posted by on April 10, 2012 in BPL, Twitter


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