The Bloomington Public Library

09 Apr

My first impression of the Bloomington Public Library website was of bright colors and a veritable sea of links. After taking a moment to orient myself, the organizing principal behind the color choices became clear, and it was actually a successful attention-grabbing way to color code categories of links. The four major divisions which were represented by different colors were Find, Use, See & Do, and Participate. An example of how this works is that subjects like the library catalog are grouped under the Find category, while volunteer opportunities are located under the Participate category. Right at the top of the page, there are icons which will take the user to the BPL’s Facebook page or their Twitter account, an excellent location because sometimes, like with the SPL, these icons can become lost or buried on the homepage. Soon after this, I found a link that stated the BLP had just created a new webpage, which turned out to be similar in some ways to the old one, but there were some definite improvements as well.

On the new site, instead of scattering the links for social services in different locations, there is a section of the site that is titled social media. This sector has links to the BPL Facebook page, their Twitter accounts, and their YouTube videos. Unfortunately, the site must still be under construction or is linked improperly, because all off the links to their social media pages are broken. When the site is finished, I think this additional feature for their social media accounts will be a great way to publicize their existence and how they can be used to supplement regular in-person library services.

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Posted by on April 9, 2012 in BPL


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